"We are a boutique career coaching and recruitment company who specializes in the recruitment of the best permanent remote and hybrid workers both locally and abroad i.e. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Africa and South Africa."



I am the Chief Empowerment Officer at New Way Inc. and I am an online career strategist and coach and I have 30 years experience as a Generalist Recruiter and Career Coach. I have A Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources, Train The Trainer, Sales & Marketing Management, and Ontological Coaching Diplomas and Certificates in Recruitment and Career Coaching.



I am the Chief Financial Officer of New Way Inc. I have 24 years of financial experience within Banking industry. I worked in Accounting and QRM (Quantitative Risk Management) modeling positions in various departments within Nedbank during my banking tenure. I hold a BComm Degree in Accounting and Business Management along with a number of relevant banking industry in-house training courses which I achieved throughout my career.

About Us

New Way Inc. will assist you to build your remote and hybrid teams. We impact the traditional office workplace in an entirely new and positive way. We believe it's time to think differently. Why limit your company to hiring local skilled talent? We assist you to choose from the global talent pool. Whether you are searching for a IT Manager or a Financial Director, contract and permanent recruitment is at the core of our business.

What We Value