Want to know how Renee Got Hired in Two Weeks?

Let's hear from one of our clients Renee who shares her experience about being skeptical at the get go and how she got hired within two weeks through How to Get Hired.

Zonke finally got her dream job!

For the longest time Zonke has been trying to get a job doing online English tutoring. She did How to Get Hired and got hired after a couple weeks. She had so many opportunities to choose from.

Sue had no experience when she started...

New Way Inc always comes in handy for candidates with no experience or TEFL certification. We are proud of our candidate's remarkable achievement. Let's hear from Sue regarding her experience.

Colleen learnt to sound like a Native English speaker...

New Way Inc always believes in transforming their candidates skills so they can have a better chance of getting hired. Coleen learnt to sound like a native English speaker. Let's hear from Colleen on her journey.

Andrea got hired with 2 companies in 4 weeks...

New Way Inc. provides so many job opportunities that Andrea had to make an informed decision and choose 2 of the best. She has been able to double her income. Let's hear from Andrea all about her experience.